Sakina Khatun finishes fifth; Jaideep Deswal fails at powerlifting event of Tokyo Paralympics


Tokyo: At the ongoing Tokyo Paralympics, Indian athletes were unable to create their magic in the powerlifting event. Indian para powerlifter Sakina Khatun placed fifth in the women’s 50 kg powerlifting final on Friday, while Jaideep Deswal failed to lift weight in the men’s -65 kg final.

Khatun, who had previously won a bronze medal at the Commonwealth Games, lifted 90 kilograms on her first attempt and was unable to raise more than 90 kilograms on her second attempt.

She lifted 93kg on her third attempt to climb up to fifth place. As a result, the para-powerlifter from India was denied a medal.

Hu Dandan of China won gold while Egypt’s Rehab Ahmed took silver. The bronze medalist in the women’s 50 kg powerlifting final was Olivia Broome of Great Britain.

Deswal, too, failed to win a medal in the second half of the day. In the men’s -65kg final, he had failed to lift 160 kilograms on both his first and second attempts.

He couldn’t lift 167 kg even on his third effort. As a result, Indian powerlifter Deswal failed to register a legitimate lift, finishing his conquest in the men’s -65kg powerlifting event.

Liu Lei of China won gold while Jafari Arangeh Amir of the Islamic Republic of Iran took silver. The bronze medalist in the men’s 65 kg powerlifting final was Bettir Hocine of Algeria.


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