Kerala Blasters kick start ‘KBFC Young Ambassador Program’


Kochi: Kerala Blasters have kick-started the ‘KBFC Young Ambassador program’ — an initiative aimed at fostering young diplomats of the club and shaping them into future leaders of change through sport.

This program has been launched as a part of the upcoming season, with an objective to unite and build stronger communities through love for the sport and the passion towards the club. As torchbearers of football development in Kerala, the KBFC Young Ambassador program are also looking forward to develop a network of young leaders who are willing to endorse the club and serve as pivots that bring everyone together. 

“As firm believers in the voice and power of the youth, the Young Ambassador Program is a commitment to using sports to educate and empower. With this, we hope to find greater touchpoints, the local schools and communities to engage with them more closely. Similarly, as ambassadors of the club, it is important for these kids to embody the true spirit of KBFC, one that should be measured with the kind of impact we can make in our communities, together,” said Kerala Blasters owner Nikhil Bhardwaj.

As part of the initiative, promising youngsters from the club’s Young Blasters centres in Kerala will be oriented, trained and equipped with adequate skill and technique, to be the face and voice of the club. These candidates would be chosen by the KBFC coaches on the basis of a set of pre-defined criteria.

The first four Young Ambassadors of the club are Athul P Binu, Francio Joseph, Jovial P Jose and Siddharth Basu, for whom an online orientation session was conducted by the club. The program will also provide opportunities to these young diplomats to work closely with the senior ambassadors during all of the club’s initiatives.

Besides promoting the values, beliefs, history, culture, identity and goals of the club, these young leaders will also be acquiring life skills through various sessions arranged especially for them. The Young Ambassador program will be completely organized and coordinated by Kerala Blasters.


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