Major differences between PUBG Mobile and Free Fire


Kolkata: After the Indian government had put up a restriction on PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite, the Battle Royale game fans had been searching for options to play. Of course, Free Fire was a game with millions of downloads and huge popularity which is the reason why it turned out to be one of the strongest options for the dropped PUBG Mobile players.

In case you are also planning to switch from PUBG Mobile to Free Fire, there are some major differences that you are going to experience. In the article below, we are going to discuss the five major differences that you are going to witness if you try to set your hands at Free Fire.

The Battle Royale Mode

PUBG mobile has been always popular for the Battle Royale mode while Free Fire also has a BR mode which is in no comparison to that of PUBG. The actual BR gameplay in PUBG Mobile and Free Fire vary from each other in numerous ways. While PUBG Mobile had always commenced the Battle Royale mode with 100 players who combat until one player brings the chicken dinner, Free Fire reworked the battle royale and included quick and fast-paced matches. Rather Free Fire matches begin with only 50 players so that a match can end within 10 minutes.


Just in case you switched from PUBG Mobile to Free Fire you are going to witness some major drops in the graphics or illustrations. While PUBG Mobile had a highly polished graphics which were designed by the Unreal Engine, which gave them a pretty realistic feel, Free Fire has a Cartoon type graphics that are distant from the quality that you had been used to. Though that doesn’t mean that Free Fire has no decent graphics. It simply means that PUBG Mobile always stood superior due to the resources that has been used by the game.


There has been a tremendous difference between the operation of the two games as well. As PUBG Mobile has always used higher-quality graphics, it always needed a smooth internet connection as well and also a mobile device with strong RAM in order to smoothly operate and without any lags or glitches. While Free Fire was designed for mobile players who don’t have high RAM devices. So that the game can run smoothly on any low-end device, making it a promising fit for you if you do not have a strong RAM mobile phone.

Game Characters

There is an additional difference between characters which you will notice comparing the two games easily. As for Free Fire, it has various characters in the battle royale mode. Each Free Fire character might be unlocked by advancing in the game or can also be purchased by diamonds. Besides, every Free Fire character have their own unique skill. The choice of character is, thus, not just for aesthetic intentions but also to assist you to master a particular warfare skill that is more competent to your gaming style. While on the other hand, you get to customize your PUBG Mobile character looks and there is no such distinction between characters.


PUBG Mobile has always been popular for its huge weapon collection. It had more than 40 weapons which included assault rifles, sniper rifles, pistols, shotguns, and submachine guns. Each weapon in PUBG Mobile had its own distinct advantage and that is what impacted on the way you might be killing someone in the game. In comparison to PUBG Mobile, Free has a smaller weapon armory which is decent enough and there is a big difference between the weapons, and players ended up realizing that there’s no apparent difference in the shooting experience.


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