English fans resort to violence, racism after missing out on Euro 2020 title


Wembley: Wembley stadium was in absolute mayhem after Italy defeated England 3-2 on penalties to claim Euro 2020 title on Sunday. The defeat didn’t go down well with the English fans as they resorted to violence and racism to let their agony out.

After the final whistle was blown, the English fans crossed the line attacking the Italian fans who attended the historic encounter. Reports also emerged that the Englishmen not only hit the Azzuri supporters but also showered them with racial slurs and stomped on their national flag.

A group of English fans even tried to the set Italian flag alight but on failing they spitted on it and stepped on it repeatedly. Earlier, prior to the match, thousands of ticketless England supporters breached the security and made their way to the Wembley Stadium resulting in a clash with the ticketholders and the stewards.

The racism did not just end outside the pitch but inside the pitch too with their own players. Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka who missed penalties during the shootout were subjected to online racism. The young players received harsh comments from the fans all across their social media handles.

Fans from all across the world took to social media condemning this act of hooliganism and xenophobia.


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