Finnish fans returning from Finland-Belgium Euro 2020 tie bring Coronavirus


Helsinki: Almost 90 Finnish supporters, who travelled to Russia to cheer for the team against Belgium in the ongoing Euro 2020, have contracted coronavirus. The supporters were tested on their return from St Petersberg after Finland lost 0-2.

Finland Prime Minister Sanna Marin along with the THL health authority urged everyone returning from Russia to take the test and it was found out that already 86 positive cases have been reported. Further tests are going on still. The tests were carried out at Customs post.

“It is important everybody takes a test,” prime minister Sanna Marin told reporters at an EU summit in Brussels. “Possible cases will thus be identified and the infection will not spread.”

The authorities have also asked the supporters returning from Russia to get themselves tested within 72 hours as the infection rate in Russia there is almost 20 times higher than in Finland. Due to crowding in the border, where 3000 Finnish supporters were trying to cross, 800 people entered the country without being tested.

Also, Russia reported more than 20000 new cases with 568 casualties recently. The condition has peaked as the country and is now battling with a new strain called Delta variant.


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