Former Chelsea, NorthEast United coach Avram Grant faces FIFA investigation over sexual harassment cases


Tel Aviv:Ex-Chelsea manager Avram Grant who has also served as an interim manager for NorthEast United FC in 2018 in the Indian Super League has been accused of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior by several women and is set to be investigated over them charges.

“He told me, ‘Make yourself comfortable, take off your clothes.’ I thought he was joking. I was sitting far away from him, on the edge of the couch,” one of them claimed.

The woman was revealed to have been invited to the Israeli manager’s house in Tel Aviv over a pretext of helping her with her career in 2020. The 24-year-old victim further went on describing the agony and harassment faced by her.

“He asked me to come closer and tried to hug me, really grabbed me and did not let go. I felt uncomfortable, he put his hand on my thigh, and I remember immediately moving his hand.

“After a few seconds of talking, he grabbed me by the neck, as if choking me, turned my head to him, and tried to kiss me by force.”

The credibility of the incident increased by a huge bar, when another woman, who happens to be an Israeli model also claimed to have been met with Grant’s inappropriate behavior.

An Israeli sports reporter spoke out on Grant’s inappropriate behavior as well. She stated that in the pretext of assisting with her career, the former Westham United manager has been sending her harassing messages with uncomfortable comments. Several other women also called out on Grant for his inappropriateness.

However, Grant in response to the complaints issued a statement of apology denying the charges and stating that all his encounters with women over the years have been consensual and any discomfort caused was entirely unintentional.

“In my life, both in a personal and professional capacity, I have always sought, above and beyond any successes or achievements, to prioritize staying a human being and to respect every woman or man, whoever they may be,” he said.

“I am a people person, a man of friendships. And over the years I have maintained relationships with women. In all these relationships I have tried very hard to treat them with respect and friendship and I never intended to behave unfairly or in any way harm any woman.”

“Anyone who has felt uncomfortable or hurt by me, I regret it and apologize from the bottom of my heart,” said Grant.