Brazilian legend’s amazing journey from Bankruptcy to Riches


Rio De Janeiro : Ronaldinho Gaucho is a name which portrays an image of a footballing wizard with crazy skills and flair. Although, the personal life of the Brazilian legend could not be less of a tainted picture and is still a matter of controversy.

Recently Ronaldinho was all smiles when he featured for the FC Barcelona side in a match against Real Madrid. An FC Barcelona legends versus the Real Madrid legends match in which the Samba Magician lined up along with names like Deco, Javier Saviola and Rivaldo.

The footballer couldn’t stop smiling although his team faced a 3-2 defeat. He also found his name in the scoresheet converting a spot-kick. Although the legend was close to bankruptcy a little while back and his journey from there to the football field was intriguing.

Ronaldinho and his brother Roberto de Assis Moreira, were arrested in Paraguay guilty of forging passports. He had to spend 171 days in jail, 32 days behind the bar after which he was put on house arrest, on paying one million Brazilian reais (£140,566) for his bail.

Many reports also claimed that the former World Cup Winner was close to bankruptcy with just £5 left to his name. However, other reports claim Ronaldinho made quick money since leaving prison. With smart business plans, he earned more than 5 million Brazilian reais (£702,407) in about four months of time.

His story of recovery from Bankruptcy

The 41 year old Brazilian, started with promoting the stadium of Atlético Mineiro, with whom he won the Copa Libertadores in the year 2013. He also stepped up to make a music studio in Belo Horizonte after receiving the honorary citizen title. He recorded a music video alongside group Recayd Mob and rapper Djonga, the video amassed over one million views in less than a week.

Following his first line of wine brand, the ‘Vino de Campeones’ he also released another line of organic gin calling it R-ONE. He was also featured in an advertising campaign for a travel application named Buser. He also holds a contract with a bookmaker, Betcris since 2019.

In spite of his controversial image, he still remains the tourism ambassador of Brazil and met President Jair Bolsonaro, on a number of occasions since his release. Ronaldinho also had been seen featuring heavily in e-sports, he had advertised Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) and also FIFA. He also created a team of his own, called the R10 Team, which features in FIFA 21. Besides all of this he also has a movie after his football career named “Ronaldinho: The happiest man in the world.”




  1. Two genii spreading happiness with every goal, and what a picture they were, football ballet artistes who can always be forgiven for pissing all over the opposition…..thank them for their magic.


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