“Maverick Commissioner”: Boria Majumder unveils untold story of IPL, Vishnu Induri to come up with new movie

Boria Majumder
Boria Majumder and others ar the book launch.

Kolkata: Eminent Indian Journalist Boria Majumder launch “Maverick Commissioner – The Lalit Modi Saga” – a book on the unknown facts of IPL (Indian Premier League) . The book launch took place at closed door in the outskirts of the city. The book dates back to the idea of IPL in 2007 when Lalit Modi took the bold decision to make Indian Premier League happen to March 2022, when a verdict entitled BCCI of Rs 425 crore for facilitation fee.

Speaking of his journey of writing this book, Majumder states, “This is not a biography of Lalit Modi. This the story of IPL. The rich and ugly, no story bound. The story discloses what actually transpired after Lalit Modi left India. It is the backstage story of IPL.”

83 director Bhisnu Indori shared how he had to convince Kapil Dev for 2 years. With his plans for making a motion-picture out of Maverick Commissioner Indori said, “After 83, the second big thing in Indian cricket is IPL. I will definitely make a movie out of this very soon. That is why I came up with the idea and asked Boria to trace the long path back to 2007.”

Speaking of triology of 83 and his upcoming projects, Bhisnu Indori clarified that, “Yes there will be cricket film coming from our production. It’s basically about pre-indenpence scenario that I’m already working upon.”

The Indian Premier League started on 18th of April, 2008. The IPL have gone through many ups and downs during it’s journey of 15 long years. Recalling days back Boria said.”Lalit Modi had a long impact and hold on IPL. Though Lalit Modi executed the Indian Premier League successfully, it was the brainchild of Late Jagmohan Dalmia.”

Star singers Anupam Roy and Anindya Chatterjee shared their thoughts on music playing a win-win situation for sports films. Anupam Roy conceded that, ” Jerry Maguire is a film that inspired me a lot. It taught me sports management, human story, love for the game and crisis management”.

Praising Lalit in a panel discussion Boria said, ” Young talents originating from IPL needs to mentor, with such a huge amount they may drown in the flow of success. Alongside with cricket, India is getting bright in every sports. Get a Lalit Modi to every sports. Be it hockey, badminton, chess, Olympics, Paralympics and football. You give a Lalit Modi to it, remove the associations and see your result” Speaking on Women’s IPL, Boria commented that if 1% of the IPL comes to the women’s segment, every player will have enough to get settled.”

Bony Kapoor in one of the panel session clarified his motive of his upcoming movie, Maidaan. Starring Ajay Devgan as Syed Abdul Rahim, Bony is determined to unleash the unknown story of the architecture of Indian Football. Sharing some moments of the movie Bony said, “I’m working on Maidaan. It’s on the golden period of Indian Football. India qualified for the semi-final of Australia Olympics. India won gold in Jakarta. That is why it is described as the Golden Period of Indian Football. India excels in football too, that’s what I want to enlighten the world about. AR Rahman is working on the music. ”

“I’m sure next time I come in Calcutta that film is to be spoken about.” quoted Bony Kapoor hoping for the best for Maidaan which is expected to be released in July, 2022.

Boria Majumder had been a persistent commentator, journalist and novelist as well. With his success after, Playing It My Way  an autobiography of Sachin Tendulkar, Boria came up with Eleven Gods and a Billion Indians: The On and Off the Field Story of Cricket in India and Beyond,  Mission Domination: An Unfinished Quest.  Boria had documented many unknown tales of Indian cricket team, locker room gossips and official announcements.

Tollywood (Bengali) actor Prosenjit Chatterjee spoke about the book, saying “I would definitely go through the book. It is always special to read a book and re-read it than watching a movie. No matter how many times you watch, the reading gives you special feeling, be it Byomkesh, Feluda or Kaka Babu.”

Sharing his experience on working with sports film, Bumba Da  said, ” I go through thorough workshops before such movies. I have my 17 year-old son who wishes to become a professional football player. So yes, I support sports film as they open up a genre for audience. I am currently working on a Hindi movie based on football”.



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