MCA Apex Council members to meet on August 14


Mumbai: The resumption of cricketing activities will be on top of the agenda as the Mumbai Cricket Association’s (MCA) Apex Council will meet on August 14. The sport in the megacity has come to a crashing halt since mid-March due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic and Mumbai is among one of the worst affected cities in the country.

An Apex Council member said, “We will discuss resumption of cricketing activity and also the Standard Operating Procedures sent by the BCCI to all the state associations in this regard.” Problems connected to the development of the Cricket Improvement Committee (CIC) will also be discussed. MCA has listed three names – Lalchand Rajput, Raju Kulkarni and Samir Dighe as members of the CIC.

MCA scorer Deepak Joshi, has written to the association to take up the problems of retired scorers who was with BCCI. In an email that Joshi has written to MCA, he has mentioned for medical group insurance policy and ex-gratia amount for the scorers, commending the case of retired MCA scorer Ramesh Parab, who has cured of COVID-19 successfully. As decided, Joshi’s email will also come up for discussion on the day of the meeting.


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