JKCA accuses Parvez Rasool of stealing pitch roller; allrounder hits back


Srinagar: Indian cricketer Parvez Rasool hit back at Jammu and Kashmir Cricket Association (JKCA) after its administrators accused him of stealing a pitch roller. The Association also asked the off-spinner to return the pitch roller and warned him of legal action if he does not do so.

According to The Indian Express, a notice has been sent to Rasool, who is the only Jammu and Kashmir cricketer to play for India at the international level. The 32-year-old, denied all the allegations while questioning the Board if this is the way to treat an international cricketer. He might also contemplate writing to BCCI if things go out of hand.

“Is this the way to treat an international cricketer who has given life and soul to J&K cricket? Today, I got a letter stating that I have taken roller from JKCA which is really unfortunate… Let me clarify that I haven’t taken any roller or machine from JKCA. I am a player who is playing cricket,” Rasool rued.

“You have an affiliated body in all districts. You should ask them for any JKCA equipment if present in their districts rather than me,” he further added. Meanwhile, JKCA Sub-committee member Anil Gupta clarified the boards’ decision to write to Rasool.

“We have not only written to Parvez Rasool but to all district associations and whosoever has taken JKCA machinery from Srinagar. Machinery was distributed at district associations without any vouchers. In many districts where we don’t have a mailing address, the letter was sent to the concerned person whose name was registered with us. He (Rasool) took offence to why the mail was written to him,” Gupta clarified.

Gupta further explained the reason behind sending the notices. “We did this because we want to prepare an audit report, a ledger book needs to be maintained. There is hardly any book maintained here over the years. So when we took over after the court’s order, we saw that these machinery are not being found,” he added.


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