Free Domino’s pizza for lifetime to Tokyo Olympics silver medallist Mirabai Chanu

Saikhom Mirabai Chanu flaunts her Tokyo Olympics silver medal.

Kolkata: Domino’s India has announced that the chain would be serving free pizzas to Tokyo Olympics silver medallist Saikhom Mirabai Chanu free for lifetime. The Manipuri weightlifter ended India’s 21-year Olympic medal drought in the sport when she took the podium on Saturday in the 49kg category.

Soon after she got the silver, Mirabai Chanu expressed her desire to eat pizza in an interview. “First of all, I will go and have a pizza. It has been a long time since I ate it. I will eat a lot today,” she said.

And this desire soon turned into reality as her coach Vijay Sharma ensured that Mirabai Chanu got one before the day ends. “We went to have pizza at night. The Indian weightlifting team celebrated the occasion with pizzas at the Games Village. Mirabai had two pizzas,” Sharma said.

Meanwhile, the video of that interview was tagged to Pratik Pota, CEO and Wholetime Director of Jubilant FoodWorks Ltd (JFL), which operates fast-food chain Domino’s Pizza in India, suggesting him to deliver ‘Pizza for her – for life’. Replying to it, Pota said: “Done! That’s the least we can do for someone who has brought so much honor for the country! #MirabaiChanu.”

Even when Domino’s India sent out a tweet congratulating Mirabai Chanu on her historic victory at the Tokyo Olympics, to which a user responded by asking the pizza chain to deliver Mirabai’s favorite dish when she returns home. The payment of the pizza will be paid by the user, according to that Twitter user.

In response, Domino’s again said that the silver medallist would receive free pizzas for the rest of her life. “Even as we prepare to give #MirabaiChanu a hero’s welcome and let her eat pizzas to her heart’s content, our Imphal team went to her house to congratulate her family with what else but Domino’s Pizza @dominos_india. Congratulations @mirabai_chanu you have done India proud!” he tweeted.


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