Boston Celtics legend to eliminate LeBron James from ‘GOAT’ discussion if LA Lakers lose to Blazers

LeBron James (Pic Courtesy: EssentiallySports)

Los Angeles: The Los Angeles Lakers lost Game 1 to the Portland Trail Blazers on Wednesday,August 19th (IST). Paul Pierce is a known critic of LeBron James since ages even before he joins LA Lakers in July,2018. Now,following the LA Lakers’ defeat in Game 1,Paul is once again coming for criticism. Much of the reason why he isn’t held is high regard as a master is because of his sheer anti-LeBron attitude.

On Thursday morning, the former Celtics’ Supreme player was once again found criticizing LeBron James as he launched a expatiation following the LA Lakers’ shocking loss. The LA Lakers lost by a margin of 100-93, shooting a terrible 5-of-32 from 3-point range.He was fired up after the loss in Game 1.

Paul Pierce stated in his guest appearance on ESPN First Take:
“I’ve already said he’s not a top 5 player of all-time. If the Lakers don’t win a championship, let alone lose in the first round, I don’t want to hear none of this GOAT talk no more.”Though, he explained further that he was just trying to keep things real and he is not a LeBron hater at all.

Fans don’t know how to react but most of them agreed that losing in first round would be a big strike for James’s succession. Apart from these slanders, James and LA Lakers will look forward to stop their critics by achieving their dominance in Game 2 on 6;30 a.m, August  21st (IST).


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