Viswanathan Anand wants Amir Khan to play his role in biopic


Kolkata: After Sourav Ganguly, Viswanathan Anand, the five-time world chess champion, is the subject of a biopic.

Anand is notorious for being very protective of his privacy, but he claims that the film will provide insight into his personal life and dispel the myth that “chess players are from an alien planet”.

“I have agreed to the biopic. The matter has already been discussed with the producer several times. I told them the stories of my life. The script writing work will start very soon. However, due to Corona, the work has come to a standstill. Hopefully, everything will start very soon. I can’t say much about the biopic now. I don’t know when or how the shooting will start. Wait for few days everything we will get to know about this biopic,” said Anand.

However, he did not reveal the director. There had been a rumour that  ‘Tanu Weds Manu’ director Anand L Rai is working as the director of Anand’s biopic.

“I can’t say who will play my role in the movie. But I can say my choice. Maybe it would be nice if Aamir Khan play Viswanathan Anand on screen. I think Aamir Khan has a lot in common with me, said Anand when asked which actor he would like to see in his role in the biopic.

The five-time world chess champion recently returned to Kolkata after nearly two years for an international grade chess tournament, which will be conducted from Wednesday (17 November) through next Sunday. This time, though, he had been appointed as the tournament’s mentor and brand ambassador rather than as a participant.



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