Ranjit Bajaj launches AFCAI to help Indian clubs and academies


Mohali: On the auspicious occasion of Independence Day of India, Mr. Ranjit Bajaj, Founder of Minerva Academy FC announced the formation of The Association of Football Clubs & Academies in India (AFCAI) and invited all the clubs and the academies to be a part of the body.

The webinar was attended by over 300 participants who had to pre-register with all details. Bajaj, the Director of the AFCAI, explained the importance of the association and how it would benefit any club or academy that would be a part of it. Along with him, Shrungar Raul and Rohit D’Souza, who are well known in the Mumbai Football fraternity, are on board as Founding Directors of the AFCAI.

Participants at the webinar on Saturday.

The webinar was held to make the formal announcement and Mr. Bajaj also informed that there were several renowned footballing figures from India who would join him on the Board. He said, “It is high time and very important that we address the issues of football clubs and academies in India. Club culture has to be developed and we will also help clubs reach out to communities which in turn would increase the fan base.

“We want to help clubs develop and sustain in a manner that they reach their goals. There are associations and bodies meant for the development of coaches and players, but coaches and players belong to clubs, and so the welfare of a football club or academy is also important. Many people are on course to join us and are convinced with the requirement of such a body”.

The Director of AFCAI Ranjit Bajaj also said, “We are elated with the response of over 200 memberships in the first 24 hours itself and hoping hundreds will join in the coming weeks hopefully.”

Ranjit Bajaj (Pic Courtesy: Goal.com)

With similar intentions, the AFCAI has been formed, but with a different methodology altogether and to help bridge the gap between the thousands of clubs in India and the All India Football Federation (AIFF). The AFCAI wishes to work in tandem with the AIFF and intends to help as many existing clubs and new clubs on their path to development.


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