No usage of condoms at Tokyo Olympics; athletes to take them home


Tokyo: Distributing condoms during the Olympics has been one of the star attractions of the Summer Games over the years. The Tokyo Olympics next month will be no different but no athlete can use them at the Olympic Village, instead take the condoms home.

The Tokyo Olympics organsiers will give away approximately 150,000 condoms to the athletes but has advised not to use them at the Olympic Village so as to maintain social distancing and coronavirus measures at this time of the pandemic.

Condoms have been a part of the Summer Olympics since the 1988 Seoul Games to raise awareness of HIV and AIDS, and organizers said the International Olympic Committee (IOC) had requested their continued distribution.

“The distribution of condoms is not for use at the athlete’s village, but to have athletes take them back to their home countries to raise awareness of HIV and AIDS issues,” the Tokyo Olympics organizers told Reuters. The organisers have already banned overseas spectators at Tokyo Olympics.

In addition to that, the Tokyo Olympics organisers have also urged the local fans who will be attending the Games to show their support by clapping instead of cheering or singing to try and reduce the risk of spreading the virus. The decision on the number of local fans will be finalized this month.

The Tokyo Olympics organizers have also asked the athletes to dine alone so that all the social distancing norms are taken care off. The initial plan was to feed in vast dining halls – the largest one with a capacity to seat 4,500 people at once.

“Without the proper measures in place, it will only take one person to bring in the virus and spread it, especially in places like the athlete village,” Nobuhiko Okabe, one of the infectious disease specialists advising Tokyo 2020 on its coronavirus measures said at a news conference on Friday.


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