‘More the amateurs play, better the professionals will be’ , Ranjit Bajaj encourages Amateur Soccer League 2.0


Kolkata: The founder of the Minerva Academy, Ranjit Bajaj who has always been known for his immense , unparalleled passion of football, rendered his support to all the teams and the players taking part in the second edition of the Amateur Soccer League that would take place in Kolkata.

Wishing everyone related to the tournament a very best of luck all the way from Bangalore, Bajaj said the most important thing that justifies the thought behind the tournament.

A very enthusiastic Bajaj stated :
“More the amateurs play , better the professionals will be , because the pyramid, all starts from the amateurs.”

The Amateur Soccer League was created with the prime objective of showcasing the hidden football talents in the amateur circuit that lacked proper exposure due to a lot of issues. With, SC East Bengal fame,  Raju Gaikwad being the brand ambassador of the initiative , it aimed at holding up the talents of the Mecca of Indian football , Kolkata.

The first edition saw a lot of success and left the football fans of Kolkata wanting for more. Thus, a bigger and better second edition came on.

The tournament is scheduled to start from January and will be extending till March with 20 teams across two divisions putting forward their talented cadets. As good as the initiative was , Bajaj’s support would act as a huge boost for the players as they gear up to ply their trade in this second to none tournament.


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