Ederson wishes to swap place with Kevin De Bruyne in Manchester City midfield


Manchester: Manchester City’s goalkeeper Ederson has always  been praised for his incredible technical ability especially with his prowess with the ball at his feet. Since arriving from Benfica in 2017, the 28-year-old has quckly established himself as one of the best goalkeepers in world. However, it’s his vision for picking long passes and ball control which his comparatively quite high for a goalkeeper that has turned heads towards himself.

The Brazilian though now claim to have the quality to even play as a top-class midfielder. In a light-hearted interview produced by the club, Ederson opened-up in a playful fashion about being featured in the City midfield  and that too replacing a certain Kevin De Bruyne.

“If I were to go outfield like this, I would not ask to be a striker. I would prefer to play in the midfield in Kevin’s place. If I were to choose, if someone asked me to play, I would say: ‘Take off De Bruyne and play me!’ It would not change anything”, Ederson stated in the Interview.

As per sources, The Brazilian did turn up in the middle of the park in practice games a few times back in his Benfica days, when there was shortage of players in the squad. He also took-up his previous claims that he would like to take penalties .In fact, there was a video clip of him scoring during one training session went viral.

“Of course the pressure is higher it it’s 0-0. In a penalty shooutout as well. But if you’re winning 3-0 and there’s a penalty, the player is much more relaxed. But I don’t know how I would take it. But I can’t say anyway. I haven’t taken a single one and I won’t be giving hints for the opponents. I hope someday it happens and you will see.” The City guardian further added.

Interestingly if it happens in near future, it won’t be first time in the club’s history. The side witness such example  before with Stuart Pearce most memorably bringing David James off the bench as a striker in a final day showdown with Middlesbrough in 2005. Ederson though said that he would be up for following in the former England star’s footsteps.

“I remember this match. This guy (David James) is mad. He went up as a striker.

If he made a slide tackle, he would have scored. He should have taken it (the penalty). That was his moment”, The Brazilian further said.

Despite the excitement,the chances of him filling an outfield role for City appears to be quite far as city have a lot of quality options with even full-back Joao Cancelo already featuring in the midfield a few times. Also manager Pep Guardiola kind of person to take such unnecessary risks or make outrageous selections in the line-up.


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